At the heart of our day, the Eucharist, from the Greek “thanksgiving” during which we commemorate the life, passion and resurrection of Christ and offer God the sacrifice worth of him and which saves the world. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our communion in Christ. It is THE highlight where God, through the priest’s hands, comes down with his history to meet our history and transfigure our deaths in his Resurrection. VIGILS are the celebration of “the great monastic day” in silent expectation of the glorious return of Christ. They should be celebrated in order to keep their nocturnal character. LAUDS, at a time when the sun rises, are the morning praise to celebrate the author of the light, the Risen Christ, and to give thanks for the gift of a new day. Terce, Sext and NONE are three short offices, which punctuate the day with praying breaks, each lasting about a quarter of an hour. VESPERS are an evening prayer for thanksgiving. They last for half an hour and are followed by fifteen minutes of silent prayer. The “Complines” bring us together for the last time before the rest of the night, to put our lives in the hands of our Father. They end by a trusting and filial prayer to the Virgin Mary, the Salve Regina, sung every night in all the monasteries of the Cistercian Order since the Middle Ages.