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Within the monastery

“The buildings where the nuns live and work, with the exception of the reception and hotel, are strictly private. However the church is accessible to the faithful, especially at hours of public celebration of divine worship. “(Constitutions of the Nuns, Chapter C.29: Separation of the world)

All of you who spend a few hours or a few days within our monastery, who come and gather in the silence of prayer, who are, with us, looking for the face of Jesus Christ our Lord, be aware that, from the moment you become our guest, we will “adopt you” and after your departure, we will not forget you. We will continue to remember you in our prayers, to support you in your journey towards God, to pray to Him and ask Him to lead you on the path of His will, in fidelity to love. In times of trial, when you are at the point of weakening, of losing courage or confidence, remember that the sisters of Baumgarten are with you in their prayers, their work, their trials; and turn with them to Him who is our life, our strength, our peace, our joy …