“Fidelity to monastic life and enthusiasm for the Kingdom of God and the salvation of all humanity are intimately linked. Nuns bear in their heart this apostolic concern. Their own way to participate in the mission of Christ and his Church is their contemplative life itself.”

(Constitutions des moniales, Chapitre C. 31 : L’apostolat des moniales)


At the heart of the Alsatian vineyard, between Sélestat and Obernai, a tiny village, Bernardvillé … On its territory, an abbey… Our Lady of Baumgarten was born again on December 3rd, 2009. After 484 years of interruption, contemplative life was re-established by a group of Cistercian nuns in this picturesque little valley of Central Alsace.


The Church is open for participation in services.

The reception office and shop are open to all.

The monastery itself is not open to the public.